Prakash Ghimire

He was born in Chitwan Gitanagar, on 2041-09-19. His childhood was full of curiosity. His family background is built by his father. In his childhood he showed his interest on radio, he made mini radio transmitter and sound broadcast. In this way his neighbours were surprised to see his work, he loved new technology and difficult task to solve different technical issues. He is qualified in computer software and hardware. He has worked at Hetauda F.M. for 16 months and Radio Thaha Sanchar F.M. for 3 years in the post of SENIOR TECHNICIAN. In period of five years he made his knowledge and experience. He received Letter of appreciation from Public Health Office on 2063 to 2064 for the outstanding & Quality program production on Radio Drama. His honesty showed his great personality. He installs many radio station’s sound equipment and gives them training for technician. He went for research and found out about 52 radio stations, their background and wrote a book about 52 radio stations and published it on 2060. He is mainly interested in sound design. From 2010 till now he is working in BBC media Action as Sound Technician. While working in BBC he worked for on location radio drama of Katha Mitho sarangiko and Discussion programme of Sajha Sawal. Till now he recorded and completed 350 episodes of Sajha sawal programme. He has done different types of programme. He is very interested to work for Popular Band in Nepal. And he loves to share his experience to other Radio Technician. He is also interested in drama and acting , he feels like he has the ability to act and would love to act in future.