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Sajha Sawal


Sajha Sawal is a weekly debate programme broadcast across Nepal on radio and TV. It is the most popular current affairs programme in Nepal with almost every one-in-three in Nepal being exposed to the programme.


Broadcast at primetime on Sunday evenings, it aims to give all sections of Nepalese society, particularly marginalised and traditionally excluded groups, the chance to question their leaders – and each other. Each week, a panel of politicians and community leaders are asked questions by a studio audience which includes people, such as women and Dalits, whose voices are often missing from public discussion and debate.
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'साझा सवाल' बीबीसी मिडिया एक्सनको (पहिले 'बीबीसी वर्ल्ड सर्भिस ट्रस्ट') उत्पादन हो । साझा सवालको यस अफिसियल वेवसाइटको सर्वाधिकार बीबीसी मिडिया एक्सन नेपालमा निहित छ । बाह्य इन्टरनेट साइटहरूको सामग्रीका लागि बीबीसी मिडिया एक्सन जिम्मेवार छैन ।